Bus rapid transit (BRT):  a FASTER transit network for Wake County

The RTA and the regional business community have been longstanding supporters of a robust, effective, and enhanced regional transit system.

After more than a year of research, analysis, and outreach, RTA has endorsed a bus rapid transit-based approach for Wake County.  

We support accelerating enhanced regional transit investment with a much broader distribution of those investments across Wake County than the current draft transit plan for Wake County would allow.  The Regional Transportation Alliance supports the development of a bus rapid transit-based alternative as a basis for comparison with the current draft transit plan for Wake County.  


See the links below to learn more about RTA's approach to bus rapid transit: 

Frequently Asked Questions:  Questions and answers about bus rapid transit and the RTA position on accelerating regional transit in Wake County

FASTER transit network overview:  One page overview document of a Freeway And STreet-based Extended Rapid transit network concept for Wake County, including a few illustrative examples

Draft example FASTER transit network framework:  One page draft example BRT-based implementation framework for Wake County  
(note:  this one page document is identical to the final page of the Research and background document below)

BRT video:  RTA traveled to greater Seattle, WA and Eugene, OR in October 2014 to learn more about enhanced bus transit options in the Pacific Northwest

Research and background document:  RTA review of the current draft Wake County transit plan, research and observations on transit in other markets, and a proposal for a bus rapid transit-based approach as an alternative to the current draft plan

Overview presentation 1:  Summary of the bus rapid transit-based approach recommended by the Regional Transportation Alliance, presented by 2013 RTA Chair Clymer Cease and RTA Regional Transit Chair Tom Looney at the RTA annual planning retreat in September 2013

Overview presentation 2:  Overview of a bus rapid transit-based approach for Wake County, presented by RTA Regional Transit Chair Tom Looney at the RTA 12th Annual Meeting, The State of Mobility, in December 2013.  

RTA Transit Innovations Series began in fall 2013 to support and advance current discussions on transit in Wake County.  The sessions have included presentations from national experts on bus rapid transit and related innovations and research.

Additional information about the potential for bus rapid transit in our market can be found here.


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