NC Quick Pass compatible with E-ZPass; SunPass coming soon

January 14, 2013 - 12:07pm

NC Quick Pass hardcase ($20) transponders and Northeast/Midwest E-ZPass transponders now fully compatible, with compatibility between NC Quick Pass and Florida SunPass coming later this year

Travelers on the Triangle Expressway, can now use NC Quick Pass hard-case transponders throughout states using the E-ZPass system.  E-ZPass holders can also use E-ZPass transponders on the 540/Triangle Expressway. 

NC Quick Pass transponders are also expected to be compatible with the SunPass system in Florida by Summer 2013.

For toll rates and other quick facts about the NC Quick Pass program, see below.

Q&A: “NC Quick Pass” – top four questions from an RTA perspective

Q1.  Do I need to use a transponder to drive on the toll road?

Anyone can travel on the toll road at any time, whether or not they have a transponder.  In addition, there are no toll booths to pay cash.  If you do not have a transponder and you drive on the road, you will be billed in the mail based on your license plate.  

While you do not need a transponder, many of us that will use the toll road even a few times a year would save money, time, and aggravation by getting a transponder.


Q2.  How do I get a transponder?

You can sign-up online and have a transponder mailed to you, or you can visit the customer service center in Morrisville and pick one up right away.  

If you plan on using the toll roads in the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, and/or Midwest, you can purchase a hardcase transponder which is compatible with the E-Z Pass system. These transponders are also expected to be compatible with the SunPass system in Florida by Summer 2013.  There is a one-time fee of $20.

               If you are only going to travel on North Carolina’s toll roads, then you only need to pay $5 for a basic “stickertag” transponder.

You also place a $20 pre-paid toll balance account which will automatically replenish from your credit card.  If you later cancel your account, you won’t get your one-time fee ($5 or $20) back, but you will get any unused pre-paid toll balance returned to you.


Q3.  How much do I save with a hardcase or stickertag transponder?

You will save 35% on all tolls in North Carolina as soon as you sign up.  In addition, you will avoid getting billed in the mail for a small toll amount that you might forget about and avoid late penalties.  


Q4.  How much are tolls with a transponder for some common trips?

- I-40 at RTP to Holly Springs: $2.64
- N.C. 54 at N.C. 540 to Holly Springs: $2.34
- U.S. 64 at Apex to Holly Springs: $1.17
- These transponder toll rates represent a 35% discount from full bill-by-mail toll rates


 For more information about toll rates and transponders, contact the NC Turnpike Authority directly at or 1-877-769-7277. 

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