RTA request for 70 MPH on northern I-540 approved

February 8, 2013 - 4:55pm

NCDOT implementing 70 MPH speed limit on Interstate 540 in northern Wake County 

The NC Department of Transportation is increasing the speed limit to 70 MPH on approximately 20 miles of Interstate 540 in northern Wake County.  The limit will increase from the US 64/264 Knightdale Bypass west to the US 70 interchange area near Brier Creek.

This increase is the result of an earlier RTA request of NCDOT to consider raising the speed limit on various segments of area freeways, including the entire 540/Tri-Ex loop, portions of Wade Avenue and US 1 South of Raleigh.

Higher limits on 540 may help encourage travel away from the upcoming I-40/440 Rebuild work zone, and may help motorists make up for time lost on a longer or slower route taken to avoid the congested work area.

Portions of five different freeways are now posted at 70 MPH within Wake County.

The RTA thanks the NC Department of Transportation for their willingness to consider suggestions from the business community, and their engagement in our shared mission to improve our region’s commuting times, travel options, and economic competitiveness.

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