Member Briefing: February 8, 2019

Here is a brief weekly update from the RTA business coalition the voice of the regional business community on transportation.

“Let’s Make I-40 Better” action team – first meeting next month
We have previously announced that we are creating a “Let’s Make I-40 Better” action team, with an initial focus on the interchanges serving the Research Triangle Park area. Our first meeting will be held in RTP at the Frontier on Friday, March 29, at 11 am. We will receive a level set on current and expected traffic operations and safety conditions along I-40, along with an update on area projects from NCDOT and metro planning professional staff. We will then have a discussion on exploring potential solutions. If you or a member of your team are interested in participating, please reply to me directly even if you have already contacted me or Natalie previously, just to reconfirm your interest and availability to attend on the March 29th date. Feel free to reach out if you have questions. 
A simple, business-friendly way to try transit
In this week’s Thursday Thoughts at 3 blog, I noted that transit fares can be confusing, which creates a barrier to even considering transit as an option. I learned recently that a regional value card already exists that can eliminate much of the thinking process about transit fares by creating simplicity while providing cost savings. You can purchase a value card online  for $20, receive $25 worth of fares, and use the card on any bus in the region. I believe it resolves many of the barriers to trying transit for members of the business community. Please read the blog, let me know your thoughts, and consider purchasing a value card for your associates.  
RDU is rocking for our region – and busting at the seams
At the State of Mobility event last month, we mentioned the amazing growth of RDU since the beginning of last year, and even since 2019 began. We now have 11 air carriers Via and Spirit are our newest and more than 65 nonstop destinations. In the past 12 months, RDU has added Birmingham, AL; Fort Myers, West Palm Beach, and Jacksonville FL; Portland, OR; San Diego and San Jose, CA; Syracuse, Islip, and Albany, NY; Montreal, Quebec; and Montego Bay, Jamaica. With over 1 million more passengers using the airport since the previous year, 2018 was amazing, and it sure looks like 2019 may be even more so. However, all of this growth pressure means that RDU needs to accelerate $1 billion of key terminal and airfield projects, which will require more or faster funding that RDU does not yet have. More to come on this. 

Thank you for your investment in enhanced regional mobility as a member of the RTA! 

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Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director

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