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In November, RTA held our first Intersection Solutions Forum, in concert with NCDOT. We heard speakers from NCDOT, local municipalities, RTA member firms, and our hosts at SAS describe current and emerging options to get us through intersections more quickly, reliably, and safely.

Next month, on Thursday, March 21, we will have our second RTA-NCDOT Intersection Solutions Forum, again hosted by SAS, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

We will hear some new freeway interchange concepts that can make the intersecting roadway flow better. We will also learn about advanced pedestrian detection, which carries the potential for ensuring safer crossings for people on foot while reducing delays for vehicle drivers.

Connected and autonomous vehicles are a daily topic in transportation circles, and our forum will be no different, as we will have an expert from NCDOT speaking about an ongoing pilot at signalized intersections in Cary.

Finally, we will receive updates on some intersection reviews by RTA volunteer firms in concert with area municipalities and NCDOT, and the status of the variable number of left turn lanes pilot.

RTA and our members and partners are at the forefront of innovative solutions and tactical implementations of methods to relieve congestion, stress, and safety issues. I hope to see you at the forum on March 21st!

Joe Milazzo II, PE 
RTA Executive Director

post reference: th3.2019.09

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