Member Briefing: March 1, 2019

Here is a brief weekly update from the RTA business coalition – the voice of the regional business community on transportation.

RTA supports preserving the schedule for US 1 conversion to freeway
As we’ve mentioned previously, a number of our region’s major highway projects have been delayed by two, three, or more years. At last week’s RTA quarterly Leadership Team meeting, the group established as our highest priority for schedule preservation the project to convert US 1 to a freeway north of 540. Like many other “hard” or more complex projects, this one involves the elimination of signals, the creation of new exit ramps and bridges, and the controlling of access to ensure mobility and safety for travelers. We will work with NCDOT, CAMPO, and other partners to see if the schedule for converting the US 1 corridor to freeway can be restored to its original 2021 start date. The Leadership Team also designated the conversion of US 70 to freeway in Durham between future I-885 and west of I-540 as the second-highest schedule preservation priority of the regional business community.

Register for this month’s intersection forum
Later this month we will hold our second RTA-NCDOT Intersection Solutions Forum, hosted by SAS. Like our first forum, held in November, we will have an opportunity to learn about new or potential innovations from both a strategic and very tactical standpoint. I hope you and/or a colleague can join us on March 21st at 3 pm. There is no cost to attend but you do need to RSVP in advance.

Transit signal priority moves forward in Raleigh
The City of Raleigh recently approved a contract with RTA member HNTB to develop transit signal priority in the capital city. The first focus will be New Bern Avenue, which happens to be the first future bus rapid transit corridor in Wake County, and the second BRT corridor overall in our region after the Chapel Hill north-south BRT. There are several elements of successful bus rapid transit service, and transit signal priority is among the most important and cost-effective to include.

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