Member Briefing: September 20, 2019

Here is a brief weekly update from the RTA business coalition — the voice of the regional business community on transportation.

Cary bond referendum vote early, vote yes
Cary is holding a bond referendum on improving transportation (and another on parks) in the community — and all adult residents that are eligible to vote can weigh in. The more than $100m in transportation projects range from widening projects in western Cary, to sidewalk and greenway enhancements, to intersection improvements, and more. The transportation referendum is the subject of our weekly blog. We thank the Town of Cary for highlighting the referendum opportunity and applaud the Cary Chamber for spearheading the campaign to support its passage. I happen to live in Cary and voted for the referendum  — I encourage all RTA members who live in Cary (or who have associates who do) to learn more and vote yes.

Durham Transit Plan update is progressing nicely
Patrick Young, director of the Durham City-County Planning Department, gave an excellent overview at this week’s Triangle Mobility Action Partnership (Tri-MAP) meeting that RTA coordinates 3 times per year. RTA — and anyone — can engage in the development of the plan and other key Durham initiatives via the very aptly named “EngageDurham” platform. In addition, Scott Whiteman with the City is a great contact on the development of the new Durham Transit Plan and he can be reached via I have signed up for mobile phone text message updates on the transit plan via the EngageDurham platform. You can do so and/or share with your associates.

Now you know: walking makes you smarter and happier
The regional business community spends a lot of time focused on freeways, intersections, transit, and RDU Airport. However, we recognize that almost every conceivable trip begins and ends with walking, and we have consistently supported multimodal enhancements to encourage travel on foot as an option for part or all of some journeys. It turns out that walking is not just good for physical fitness it is also good for our mental health as well as our overall productivity. Hat tip to David Levinson, Australian-based transportation researcher, for the links to these articles in his periodic blog.

Thank you for your membership in the RTA business coalition!

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Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director

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