Member Briefing: March 5, 2021

Here is a brief weekly update from the RTA business coalition — the voice of the regional business community on transportation.

FAQs on “access fee-based” concept for highway funding
Last week, we released a blog and summary briefing on the benefits of a vehicle registration-based access fee approach to modernize state highway funding. Today we continue to elevate the opportunity of an access-based approach with the release of updated FAQs. We have received great questions concerning out-of-state motorists, the environment, overall revenue potential, and more; the FAQs attempt to begin to address those. We welcome your thoughts on the concept and FAQs. You can visit this LinkedIn summary post about the concept, or this LinkedIn post concerning the FAQs, and offer comments or feedback directly there.

Work from home, work from anywhere – implications for mobility
As “2 weeks to flatten the curve” has now evolved into a year or more to endure the pandemic, Americans have modified their work and personal routines, and associated travel habits, dramatically – and perhaps permanently for some people. Some of these changes are clearly positive, as certain trips have become obviated while others are more flexible, both of which reduce the severity and duration of traffic congestion. How much of these travel changes will “stick” in the hopefully post-pandemic future is uncertain, as are the implications of those changes. RTA recognizes that rapid growth in our market will continue, which means mobility investments must continue – even as uncertain dynamics require new assumptions and strategies. I speak about several of these implications and initiatives with Ms. Adrienne Cole, CEO of RTA founding and host chamber Raleigh Chamber, in this brief video discussion.

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