Member Briefing: July 16, 2021

Here is a brief weekly update from the RTA business coalition – the voice of the regional business community on transportation.

Southern Wake 540 – an investment in connectivity and affordability
Construction of Southern Wake 540 is well underway for our community and region. While the technical, construction, and environmental protection measures are impressive, what is even more important is what this new multimodal freeway will do for the future of this region. There are a host of reasons that accelerating 540 was our top priority for several years; in a recent Thursday Thoughts at 3 blog I delve into some of the benefits of the project, from a connectivity and housing affordability standpoint. We are planning an RTA site visit of the southern Wake 540 project later this summer to give our members a behind-the-scenes look at the progress – more details to come.

NC Railroad corridor – a remarkable asset, a great opportunity
The North Carolina Railroad Company, a longstanding member of the RTA Regional Leadership Team, is hosting another free webinar on July 22: Looking Back and Moving Forward, which will be the second in a series of “Progress in Motion” webinars. The NC Railroad Company is a private company, of which the state of NC (i.e., all of us) owns 100% of the shares, that serves as owner and steward of a defined 200′ wide, 300+ mile corridor from Charlotte, across the Triangle, to Morehead City. Summary: NCRR is a remarkable asset that has served this state well for more than a century, and its best days are still ahead of us. Consider registering for the webinar if your schedule permits.

Enhance the station areas of the first link in our metropolitan rapid transit network
The City of Raleigh’s New Bern Avenue bus rapid transit project will be the first BRT corridor to open in our region — part of a planned 55+ mile BRT system, and even larger metropolitan rapid transit network with bus and rail elements expected to open this decade. You can help inform the New Bern Ave. station-area planning effort by taking this survey by July 18. Topics include housing affordability, access to jobs, support for area businesses, safety and walkability. The regional business community is excited about the mobility and economic opportunity that our metropolitan rapid transit investments will bring, and we are committed to their acceleration to serve our growing market.

ICYMI, we received excellent media coverage of the RTA RDU AID effort and the discussion at our 2021 breakfast. Read more here.

Thank you for your commitment to regional business leadership on transportation as a member of the RTA business coalition!

Let’s get moving,

Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director

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