Member Briefing: December 3, 2021

Here is a brief weekly update from the RTA business coalition – the voice of the regional business community on transportation.

Region crosses over to a new interchange design.
We are all generally familiar with “cloverleaf” or the typical “diamond” interchanges in our travels. NCDOT recently opened the first of a new interchange design in our market — the diverging diamond, or simply a “criss-cross” interchange. Installed at the I-440 and Western Boulevard exchange as part of the ongoing I-440 reconstruction project, the new design adds new traffic signals but simplifies travel overall, while also reducing conflict points. NCDOT has more than a dozen of these interchanges now open across the state; as I note in this week’s blog, I am glad they are in our region’s congestion relief toolbox as well.

Have you registered for the RTA regional leadership tour?
We are currently approaching 50 confirmed registrants for the January 26-28 RTA tour to South Florida, with more signups constantly being added. While space is limited, the potential knowledge, memories, and experiences will be almost without equal. You can join a number of elected officials, including several area mayors, as well as key transportation and business leaders, as we learn, discover, share, and experience together in late January 2022. You can download the current RTA tour brochure here and a partial list of attendees here. Please take a moment to register for the RTA winter 2022 tour, presented by GoTriangle and the NC Railroad Company. Thank you also to tour sponsors WSP, HDR, the Research Triangle Foundation of North Carolina, and Kimley-Horn.

Let’s get moving,


Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director


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