A look ahead to 2022 — part three

This week’s blog, and also the posts from last Thursday and two weeks ago, provide a preview of the upcoming year. Shorter versions of each will appear in our weekly member briefings as well.

Freeway improvements — and thinking — will advance
The long-awaited widening of I-40 in Orange County between US 15-501 and I-85 will move in earnest later this year, while the ongoing I-40 project in southeastern Wake and northwestern Johnston counties will progress toward substantial completion for the northern sections near I-440 and I-87 over the next several months.  NCDOT, our area metropolitan planning organizations — and RTA — have long focused on the future of I-40, our region’s “main street”. These improvements, along with proposals to modernize I-40 in RTP, will progress in 2022. This is the time to move those forward.

Construction of 540 in southern Wake County will continue by the NC Turnpike Authority; this vital link will open next year. Meanwhile, we will continue to advocate for a funding, financing, and implementation solution to advance the final segment of 540 in eastern Wake.

The long-awaited conversion of  US 1 / Capital Boulevard to a freeway between I-540 and Wake Forest will also get closer, particularly for the segment nearest I-540. As noted in our “part one” discussion, there will be additional discussions about other key metropolitan corridors, including US 70 between I-540 and Durham, and also US 15-501 between Duke University and I-40. We continue to support the conversion of US 70 to a freeway west of I-540, and we are also open to other pictures — including a regional boulevard — for that corridor, as we noted last fall. We will engage in these dialogues.

The bottom line is that 2022 is shaping up to be an interesting and impactful year for mobility in our growing region. The regional business community is committed to playing an important leadership and cooperative role with our regional, state, local, and federal elected and transportation partners.

Let’s get moving,

Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director


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