Member Briefing: February 3

Now that’s what I call an annual meeting.

More than 350 RTA members, elected leaders, and partners attended our RTA 21st annual meeting event this past month. We heard from a number of business and transportation leaders during our part 1 / online and part 2 / in-person sessions, made fantastic connections, and celebrated a host of successes. In addition, we had excellent engagement and are compiling the comments provided during the interactive portion of the in-person session. We also had strong media coverage from
WRAL-5, CBS-17 and ACB-11

You could truly feel the region come closer together as we elevated a number of vital issues, including commuter rail, during our annual meeting conversations. Speaking of regional topics of importance, I remind our members to consider engaging directly in the GoTriangle commuter rail outreach process; a recent RTA blog provides more information.

Thank you to everyone for attending, and thank you to the Raleigh Chamber team for supporting multiple aspects of the preparations and executions of the two-part event. This week’s blog has some additional observations about the 21st Annual Meeting.

RTA supports BRT to RDU, as well as expansion of RDU Park Economy 3

The regional business community actively supports increasing the number of regional transit alternatives, including direct BRT linkages to RDU Airport; the Raleigh/Durham Airport Authority does as well, as we
noted during the annual meeting. RTA also supports the overall expansion of infrastructure at RDU, and identifying sustainable funding for that infrastructure remains our top priority as an organization. RDU has proposed a significant expansion of the Park Economy 3 surface lot, due to a combination of upcoming terminal improvements which will eliminate some parking, the repurposing of other parking areas, and overall growth in air travel.

RTA has endorsed the proposed improvement to Park Economy 3 and we look forward to its successful implementation, including rapid, frequent, and easy connections for local travelers to the terminal building via electric buses. Our fast-growing metropolitan Triangle region will continue to need effective “both/and” options, including BRT to the airport, parking options at the airport for travelers, and airport area roadway improvements that will benefit all traveler access options, whether in private vehicles or enhanced BRT.

Thank you to everyone who joined at our 21
st annual meeting. And, thank you for your ongoing dedication to regional business leadership on mobility.
Let’s get moving,

Joe Milazzo II, PE

RTA Executive Director

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