Modern Transportation Problems Require Modern Solutions

Johnston County is ramping up its public transportation strategy with QuickRide, an app for a new micromobility, shared ride service that works similar to Uber but at a fraction of the cost.

QuickRide is able to be requested via an app on a smart phone and is a flat $6 fee anywhere within the Smithfield-Selma area. Should this app prove popular enough, the service may be expanded from central Johnston County into Clayton and other areas.

Johnston County Area Transit Service (JCATS) executive director Neal Davis said, “the Smithfield-Selma zone will enable us to measure rider demand and work out operational details.”

RTA is pleased to see these new personal and flexible micromobility options taking hold in Johnston County, and of course the nationally recognized Wilson County Ride service.

The regional business community will continue support pilots and innovations in public transportation and other travel modes that will optimize service for the user and costs for the community, in a practical, reliable and sustainable fashion. 

Let’s get moving,

Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA executive director

RTA is the voice of the regional business community on transportation


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