Member Briefing: September 8

Let’s write another support letter for RDU

We have been asking our members to write emails to FAA regarding funding and approvals for a new primary runway at RDU. As we discussed during this week’s 22nd annual RTA Regional Leadership Retreat at the Umstead hotel, the reason we keep asking is because your letters are making a real difference.

RDU president and CEO Mike Landguth announced at the retreat that our letters are working, and that the airport has now received around $100 million in federal funding for the runway and related infrastructure and transportation services, in addition to federal environmental approval for the runway.

Please use this newly updated starter template to write a brief letter to support additional federal funding for a new primary runway at RDU, whether or not your company has written one previously. You can also see this week’s blog for more information — please let me know if you have questions.


150+ minutes, 50+ people, and 50 years of successful leadership

On Thursday, September 7 we held our 22nd annual Regional Leadership Retreat at the Umstead Hotel and Spa. In next week’s briefing we will provide a brief recap of the retreat, which brought more than 50 business leaders and transportation partners together to focus on the state and future of regional mobility for a little under 3 hours.

However, with this week’s briefing we honor Mr. Jim Beley, RTA wayfinding and user experience chair, who is retiring today from the Umstead after 14 years of managing the hotel and 50 years of professional service and leadership as a hotelier. Jim is the consummate professional and a fantastic friend, and we will miss him greatly. Thank you Jim for your passion for this region, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.



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