Sales email template

RTA members:  Thank you for your membership, and for growing our regional business leadership group.

See below for a sample email template that you can use or modify when reaching out to a peer company about RTA membership.

[Your colleague’s First Name],

I would like to connect you with a local group that we have been active in for some time.

The Regional Transportation Alliance (RTA) is how businesses gain insight and influence on transportation in our area, and receive recognition for doing so.

Our company has invested in this regional business leadership group for several years, and we make it a point to share our RTA engagement with our associates so they know we are working on this important issue.

There are a number of RTA membership levels; I recommend joining at either RTA Bronze at $2,500 per year or RTA Silver at $5,000 annually. Either level gets you recognition at every event and a seat at our annual retreat. Investing at the RTA Silver and higher gets you on the RTA Regional Leadership Team, expanding your executive relationships while amplifying your visibility and impact.

I would be pleased to speak with you about the value we have seen. I can also put you in touch with RTA’s executive director Joe Milazzo or their membership coordinator Jacob Rigg.

[Personal closing or] “Let’s get moving”,
[Your Name]


Gold members

Thank you to our Omnia Gold, Sustaining Gold, and Gold members

Omnia Gold