Capital Blvd Multiway Blvd Gateway – North Raleigh

RTA supports the City of Raleigh’s multimodal gateway design concept for US 1 north / Capital Boulevard between I-440 and I-540.
The regional business community encourages the City of Raleigh, NCDOT, Wake Transit partners, and all stakeholders to identify and secure funding sources to accelerate this project, and bring our multimodal gateway future to life for our capital city.

Multimodal gateway concept

The regional business community is referring to the proposed improvements along Capital Blvd. as a “multimodal gateway” to Downtown Raleigh.

Elements of the multimodal gateway design concept:

  • Separated through travel lanes and local lanes
  • No traffic signals for through lanes
  • Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) via dedicated or priority lane
  • Safer pedestrian crossings by bridging through lanes over cross streets
  • Pedestrian / bicycle path or sidewalk on both sides

Expected benefits:

  • For through traffic:  all-day delay reduction, incredible congestion relief
  • For local traffic:  maintain access to businesses, improved corridor accessibility
  • For pedestrians:  safer, simpler, faster pedestrian crossings
  • For regional connectivity:  maintain/enhance N. Wake – Downtown linkages
  • For land use:  multiple targeted focused growth areas
  • For overall aesthetics:  Improve corridor appearance throughout

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