Member Briefing: January 4, 2019

Thursday Thoughts at 3
For 2019 we have begun our “Thursday Thoughts at 3” weekly blog series. Each Thursday at 3 pm, RTA lead volunteers and staff will release a new blog, video, or podcast that offers business thoughts and perspectives on transportation. You will be able to view them all at and comment via LinkedIn and/or via our @RTATriangle Twitter (#th3rta). This series will serve as a companion to our Friday weekly member briefing. We will not e-mail you separately about our “Th3” posts, but we will typically refer to them in our Friday briefings. Let me know if you have questions or suggestions for future posts.

Transit expansion in Raleigh – again – starts this weekend
The residents of Wake County took a courageous vote more than two years ago to pay for improvements for their public transit options. The City of Raleigh’s GoRaleigh service will significantly expand – again – starting Sunday, as several new bus routes will launch while others will have improved frequency or simplified routing. This weekend’s improvements are but one more example of the fruits of our community’s labor. As of this coming Monday, the City’s weekday frequent network will be 50% larger than prior to the 2016 referendum, while the overall system coverage will expand by 16 miles.

Holiday travels another reminder of why there is an RTA
I am originally from southwestern Pennsylvania – that fact alone may be all you need to know about why I believe in the value of transportation improvements. In addition, I spent several days in southeastern Texas visiting family around the new year. In both cases, I saw great improvements as well as opportunities for more mobility “TLC.” The trips also reinforced for me how well our region’s current network works and the future benefits of our ongoing and upcoming investments in mobility infrastructure.

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