Member Briefing: October 4, 2019

Here is a brief weekly update from the RTA business coalition — the voice of the regional business community on transportation.

Election day is Tuesday
We discussed in a previous RTA blog that Cary is holding a bond referendum on improving transportation this fall, along with another on parks. The Cary Chamber has done an excellent job leading the campaign, and we were pleased to endorse the transportation bond at the RTA Leadership Retreat this summer. As a Cary resident, I have already voted in favor of the referendum. I encourage all RTA members and your associates who live in Cary to vote yes on election day this Tuesday, Oct. 8.

NC Chamber day of action is Wednesday
We mentioned last week that the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce has launched a “NC Can’t Can’t Afford to Stop Coalition” – which RTA has joined – to focus on the current highway funding challenges we are facing at the state level. The Coalition is planning a “Day of Action” at the General Assembly this coming Wednesday to highlight the situation to legislators and offer and receive feedback. The NC Chamber is coordinating the activities of the statewide coalition – please contact Jason Soper or Debra Derr with the NC Chamber directly if you are interested in participating on Wednesday.

I-440 construction has begun in earnest
The modernization and expansion of the I-440 Beltline in southwestern Raleigh has been our highest reconstruction priority for some time. While work has been underway for a few weeks, with the closing of the Melbourne Road overpass this past week, we can now say the I-440 project and its impacts have begun in earnest. The bridge will be closed for an entire year – overnight lane closures begin as soon as Monday. To save you time and frustration over the next several years, please check your favorite travel app before you leave whenever you expect to be traveling in the I-440 area, including the Wade Ave. freeway.

Your engagement in RTA helps get our region moving faster. Thank you for your investment!   

Let’s get moving,


Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director

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