Member Briefing: December 24, 2021

Here is a brief weekly update from the RTA business coalition – the voice of the regional business community on transportation.

Raleigh BRT open house for the holidays

Construction of our region’s first bus rapid transit (BRT) corridor is now less than a year away. The City of Raleigh has created an online open house with information and opportunities to engage concerning the planning of stations along the New Bern Avenue BRT corridor.

More information here, including this excellent overview video.  The online event will remain active through the end of the year. 2022 is going to be the beginning of a great period of multimodal mobility for our region; let’s get up to speed, and let’s get moving.

NC Byways for the holidays

The North Carolina Department of Transportation recently issued its periodic, and frankly gorgeous, guide of more than 60 scenic byways in our state. You can view it online or order a copy — there are even 7 different posters you can download, like this one.

As I noted in this week’s blog — and in the spirit of gifts for the holidays, and resolutions for the new year, allow me to suggest you download or pick up a copy of the North Carolina Byways guide. You could then select a new byway to explore from time to time, bring your family and friends, and discover more of our wonderful state throughout the year.

Blessings for the holidays

RTA wishes each of our members and partners a very merry, blessed, and safe Christmas holiday. As always, we trust that the joy of this season will give you strength, solace, and hope. It has been a great year for the organization — thank you for your support and membership.

Let’s get moving,

Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director


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