NC Byways for the holidays


The North Carolina Department of Transportation recently issued its periodic, and frankly gorgeous, guide of more than 60 scenic byways in our state.

You can view it online or order a copy — there are even 7 different posters you can download, like this one.

The immediate Triangle region doesn’t have that many byways, although the beginning of Interstate 42 near Garner and Clayton does qualify as one — it fact it is one of only 2 freeways in the state that qualify as a byway. The guide refers to it as the Clayton Bypass, which is fine, but over time we will want to refer this roadway as I-42 rather than as a bypass of an important Triangle community.

A close-by corridor is the north Durham country byway, which is a series of attractive, rural roadways north of the city. Another one is “football road” which connects Greensboro and Chapel Hill, and references the way fans from the Triad used to travel to UNC Chapel Hill for Tar Heel football games.

In the spirit of gifts for the holidays, and resolutions for the new year, allow me to suggest you download or pick up a copy of the North Carolina Byways guide. You could then select a new byway to explore from time to time, bring your family and friends, and discover more of our wonderful state throughout the year.

Let’s get moving,

Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director


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