Dedicating transportation dollars for transportation purposes

RTA members and partners,

As we have discussed throughout the spring, one of RTA’s highest priorities is modernizing revenues for multimodal freeways and streets, in order to provide sustainable and predictable funding.

It is clear that all transportation-related taxes and fees should be dedicated to transportation purposes — for trust with the public, and to ensure that NCDOT and other partners can plan effectively for growth.

More than $500m in state sales taxes on automotive-related purchases went to the state general fund during the past fiscal year, rather than transportation.

RTA strongly supports the dedication of all transportation-related sales taxes for transportation purposes. and we will support any state legislation in the 2022 session that will advance that goal.  Based on FY 2021 state sales tax revenue data for automotive-related purchases, this policy improvement could provide around $5 billion in new revenue for transportation in North Carolina over the next decade.

Here is how you can help:

  • Between now and Memorial Day, please contact your legislatoror any that you have a good working relationship with — and ask them to ensure that transportation dollars be dedicated to transportation purposes as they begin consideration of both legislative bills and budget provisions over the next several weeks.
  • To be clear:  Do not worry if you don’t know your own legislator, or whether they serve on the “right” committee. Your reaching out will let our elected representatives know that this issue is important to the regional business community — and it will likely encourage them to share the message with their colleagues.

Last week, at the NC Chamber Transportation and Infrastructure annual summit, I spoke about this opportunity, and also options for modernizing transportation revenues in North Carolina, including RTA’s longstanding proposal for a vehicle registration-based access user fee. We will continue to elevate this approach and other options over the next several months in concert with other partners.

Let’s get moving,

Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA executive director

RTA is the voice of the regional business community on transportation in the Research Triangle area.



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