Member Briefing: June 24, 2022

Here is a brief weekly update from the RTA business coalition – the voice of the regional business community on transportation.

540 On Ramp Signals — Ready for the Restart

On-ramp signals, that help regulate or “meter” the traffic entering a freeway, can help protect the flow on the mainline roadway during peak periods. There are currently four on-ramp signals along 540 that will be restarted next week for westbound I-540. Traveling from east to west, they are:

  • Falls of Neuse Road (Exit 14)
  • Six Forks Road (Exit 11)
  • Creedmoor Road (Exit 9)
  • Leesville Road (Exit 7)

The on-ramp signals were previously operational for over two years prior to the pandemic. A research report by ITRE at NC State University found several benefits from the initial installation on I-540 westbound, including:

  • 9% decrease in recurring congestion
  • 12 minute decrease in duration of peak period
  • up to 2 minute decrease in drive time per day

NCDOT believes that the on-ramp signals will again help ensure a continuous smooth flow of traffic during morning peak periods. Be sure to read this week’s blog  for more information on how these on-ramp signals can benefit your commute or that of your colleagues.


RTA breakfast is next month — reserve your spot today
The next major RTA event is our annual RTA Transportation Breakfast, presented by the Research Triangle Foundation of North Carolina, on Friday, July 22. Our agenda will focus on melding our region’s strengths in life science with innovations in transportation during the session; we will have a fantastic array of speakers from RTA Gold member United Therapeutics and two of their partner organizations as well as from RTA Sustaining Gold member RDU Airport Authority.

One or more ticket(s) are included with your membership depending on your membership level. Please connect with my colleague Jacob to confirm the number of included seats, how to order additional tickets, and opportunities to sponsor the event. Thank you to Credit Suisse, Towne Bank, and the Town of Cary for serving as event sponsors.

We are grateful for your ongoing dedication to regional business leadership on mobility.

Let’s get moving,

RTA Executive Director

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