RDU returning to previous altitude

This week saw not one but two destination announcements for RDU, our hometown international airport, and we will have the opportunity to travel to these new or returning locations in less than three months.

On November 11, the Raleigh/Durham region will regain access to Fort Myers and Southwest Florida International Airport when Avelo Airlines begins service.

Less than one week later, our community will gain nonstop access to the Bahamas via BahamasAir — which will be RDU’s 14th commercial airline.

This means that RDU will have 7 international nonstops by Thanksgiving — two more than we had pre-pandemic. Our total number of destinations is already essentially the same as it was prior to March 2020.

Leisure travel has returned to the RDU community, and business travel continues its upward climb. It may not be as high as it was pre-pandemic on a “per company” basis, but as our overall business community and region grows, our air travel opportunities will continue to grow as well.

RTA’s focus remains on securing the infrastructure required for the future growth of our airport, and of our region. Visit for more information about the regional business community’s current letter writing campaign to maximize federal funding for the replacement, relocation, and lengthening of the primary 5L-32R runway at RDU.


Let’s get moving,

Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director


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