Two for Two: Wake BRT Southern Corridor Set To Receive Federal Funding

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The City of Raleigh announced that the Wake BRT: Southern Corridor project is slated to receive significant federal funding, after achieving a medium-high rating from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). This proposed premium transit innovation is set to receive roughly 50% of the overall $173 million project cost in federal funding. This five mile corridor will open is 2028 and will extend from GoRaleigh station in downtown Raleigh to the Walmart Supercenter on Rupert Road at Garner. More than 70% of the corridor will be in dedicated or priority lanes for transit. This is the second Wake BRT corridor to receive federal funding; the first being the New Bern Avenue corridor set to start construction this summer in Raleigh.

RTA continues to support this leap in connecting the region through enhanced public transportation. Our RTA 2023 Transportation Breakfast is all about celebrating the launch of BRT across the Triangle. Registration is open now.

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Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA executive director

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