RDU Airport Is Now The Fastest Growing Airport In the Nation

A recent article highlighted the fact that RDU is now the fastest-growing airport in the nation. RDU’s year-over-year growth in seat capacity for July is higher than every other top 50 commercial airport in the United States.

RDU International has added 20 new nonstop destinations just since January 2023. This brings our total nonstops to 65, and further reinforces the need to identity sustainable funding to replace our primary 5L-23R runway.

“I believe that in 2023 we’re going to fully recover from the pandemic in terms of overall passenger numbers,” RDU Airport CEO Michael Landguth told the Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority Board in March. That growth projection has continued through the spring.

We are asking all RTA members to submit letters to the USDOT in support of this runway by July 10th. A revised, simplified template is available via: [].

Together, we can help RDU and our region accelerate that runway.

 Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director

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