Member Briefing: September 1

US 70 between Durham and northwestern Wake County — how to make a vital regional corridor better

With the opening of I-885 a little over a year ago, the region’s multimodal freeway network took an important leap forward.

It also highlighted a missing regional travel link in the western Triangle: the need for an improved US 70 between I-885 in Durham and the proposed freeway upgrade of US-70 near I-540 in west RaleighFortunately, there is active regional study , and an ongoing NCDOT project, to do just that.

The regional business community — and pretty much anyone who travels about the Triangle area — knows the importance of US 70 to the region. Learn more about the ongoing study by the DCHC MPO, how to engage, as well as context about the broader opportunity to improve US 70, in this week’s blog


NCDOT creates guides for citizens and elected officials

Transportation engagement can be an admittedly complex and daunting challenge. Our friends at NCDOT have made it a little easier, by releasing guides for both citizens and elected officials that provide an overview of the process and how to plug in. Either guide is worth taking a look at, just to give you a sense of the steps involved, as well as an appreciation for the work of NCDOT and other transportation professionals in making our regional and statewide mobility system a reality.



Let’s get moving!

Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director

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