Member Briefing: December 29

Accelerating a multimodal freeway in 2024

Growing congestion, delays, and unpredictable travel times on US 1 / Capital Boulevard north of I-540 are causing increasing challenges for mobility, economic development, and quality of life for northern Wake and Franklin Co. residents, businesses, and visitors.

NCDOT has a plan to upgrade Capital Blvd. north of I-540 to a 10+ mile, 70 MPH freeway. When complete, there will be no stoplights, no left turns, and no driveways, saving travelers substantial time and stress — however, the project has faced multiple delays, primarily due to funding and inflation.

Accelerating the transformation of Capital Boulevard north of I-540 into a multimodal freeway has been RTA’s top regional freeway priority since spring 2023. A preliminary sketch-level analysis by the NC Turnpike Authority, requested by Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) staff, and in coordination with NCDOT Division 5 and RTA, indicates that toll revenue could accelerate the upgrade of the entire 10+ mile US 1 corridor from I-540 to Franklin County.

RTA endorsed the following position at our quarterly RTA Regional Leadership Team meeting this fall:  “RTA supports a study of dramatically accelerating the upgrade of US 1 between I-540 and Franklin Co. to a multimodal freeway using toll revenue.” Other organizations offering statements of support for an acceleration study include the Wake Forest Area Chamber of Commerce, the Town of Wake Forest, and the Town of Franklinton.

Learn more about the acceleration opportunity in this recent RTA blog, and with this updated list of draft FAQs.


Happy New Year from RTA

RTA wishes each of our members and partners a very happy new year, as we continue to accelerate transportation together in our region. We look forward to seeing you at the RTA 22nd annual meeting in late January.


Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director



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