FAST study — a cooperative project, and an improving scope

RTA members and partners,

We are excited about the potential of the FAST study as it moves forward in earnest this quarter.

A series of local and regional public sector funding partners are working together to finalize the scope for the study that will be managed by NCDOT and primarily executed by RTA Gold member WSP.

The regional business community is spearheading the $800k+ study that will be looking at ways to link BRT to RDU Airport and make existing freeways more “transit ready”.

Several partners have offered excellent comments on the draft scope that have provided additional clarity and focus for the consultant team. The process of scope development has also created more potential solution pathways to explore, which will help accelerate multimodal options for our region.

We applaud the work and partnership of NCDOT and the various funding partners. We will keep our members informed as the study progresses, including potential engagement and outreach opportunities.



Gold members

Thank you to our Omnia Gold, Sustaining Gold, and Gold members

Omnia Gold